Areas of Expertise

"What makes CLP different from its peers? It is legal knowledge combined with commercial insight and its long-established network in Malaysia and the ASEAN region; It is the ability to take on the most complex questions and provide the clearest answers and sound solutions in a fast way."

  • Banking and Finance

    With multi-disciplinary approach to transactions, we work with clients on complex, cutting-edge and significant transactions in acquisition, property financing, projects(infrastructure) financing, leasing, Islamic financing and cross-border financing.
    We work closely with regulators and government departments and agencies as well as Islamic finance specialists to advise our clients on relevant legal issues in Malaysia and in the region.
  • Trademark and Intellectual Property

    We assist you safeguarding your Brand and your Heart Works.
    We are Trademark agent for hundreds of enterprises in Malaysia as well as in the region.
    We have extensive experience in trademark acquisition, assignment, advisory and litigation work, infringement analysis and other legal action.
  • Real Estate

    We prepare documentation for sale and purchase of properties, lease, tenancy and joint venture project.
    Real Estate transaction and project-execution demands insightful and innovative approaches. We deliver value added knowledge to our clients on property markets, local policy, property share holding, finance negotiation and advising them on ways to minimize disputable risk on legal aspects.
  • Corporate and Commercial

    We handle Commercial Dispute, Joint Venture Agreement, Management Agreement, Privatization Agreement, Sale of Business/Share Agreement, Distribution Agreement, Supplier Agreement, etc.
    We support our clients on a wide range of multi-jurisdictional matters and projects and strategy; advising them on litigation, regulatory and compliance, labor policy and employment disputes.
  • Family Law

    Divorce including judicial separation and annulment of marriage, Will, Financial settlements and ancillary to these proceedings, property orders, maintenance claims and settlements, custody and guardianship of Infants and children, adoption, matrimonial disputes.
  • Labour And Employment Matter

    Giving advice and preparing the documents for Industrial Relation Disputes and Employment Contract, Domestic Inquiry and Dismissal. Attending Labour Courts and Industrial Courts matters.
  • International Trade

    Bills of Lading, Contracts of Carriage by Sea and Air, Charter Parties, Insurance, International Carriage of Goods, and Multi-modal Transport. Advising on matters relating to International Contract and Disputes.
  • General Litigation

    Tracing debtors, sending letters of demand before legal action, issuing and serving statutory demands, initiating court proceedings, contesting and defending court proceedings, enforcement of judgments, winding up petitions against companies, bankruptcy petitions against individuals, Debt Recovery, etc.
  • Criminal Law

    Penal Code offences, Companies Act offences, Offences against persons and property, Capital offences, Immigration offences, Customs and excise offences, Road traffic offences, Criminal breach of trust, Cheating, Corruption, Trade mark and copyright infringement offences, Tax evasion, Disposal inquiries, Juvenile offences, Theft, Rioting, Shoplifting, Sexual offences, Assault.
  • Personal Injuries and Insurance Claims

    Motor vehicle accidents, Personal injury claims, Workmen's Compensation and Industrial Accident Cases, Professional Indemnity Cases, Performance and Security Bonds, and Enforcement of Indemnities.
  • Probate And Letter of Administration

    Preparation of Will, Trust, application for Grant of Probate and/or Letter of Administration and preparation of Deed of Family Arrangements.
  • Immigration, Second Home & Others

    Permanent Residents, Visa and Malaysia Second Home Program Application.